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I don’t expect to be picked. I’m okay with that. Just when I saw that I kind of thought about my videos and kind of missed that. Also thought that maybe it was okay to return to it or at least give it a try.

Even though, uh, I don’t have blip anymore since it destroyed my account and, uh, youtube has already started attacking my account, giving it a strike.

Even so, gunna give it a shot. Not gunna stress about it, I’ll taker my time. I have all month after all.


Anonymous asked:

Why not give the talent pick up a shot, if you can? I mean, you can make anything into a video, whether it be a review or just talking about story, so long as you're creative. I personally miss the Animated reviewer videos. So, what have you got to lose?

Aw, thanks.

Yeah, I am actually getting excited to try another video. I do miss doing it and now that I have only my Kaila comic and my writings(and LP on the side) I won’t get swamped if I decide to go back to videos.

I still hate recording myself, but then I also still hate inking my pictures. There is always a part of the process people hate doing. Also now that I have my projects all worked out it shouldn’t been overwhelming. Life hasn’t been so hectic either, so…yeah. ^^

I like editing, I like drawing, I sort of like writing, but I can fall into slumps in that easily.

I plan to make a video about a character. I think my videos will be more story and character focused, like my Top Protagonists list. I think that’ll be good. It’s what I feel like talking about more. I think my videos will be better for it.

Hmmm~ Talent Pick up? is gunna start talent pick up again in May…

Hmm…Should I give it another shot? I know a video I could make if I wanna try, but not sure if I wanna try videos again…

I have changed how I talk about stuff, not really interested in ‘reviews’ as much as just talking about subjects in games and shows now. I have a new list I plan to make or to look at a certain character next in my writing.

Mostly I am now looking at the story of games/shows rather than anything else, talking about them differently then I use too.

What do you guys think? I have time to do this, thankfully.

Top Protagonists - Kouga

Saint Seiya Omega: Kouga

Kouga is so freakin’ cute, young, and naïve about the world around him. He’s stubborn, but not in the more annoying way that some young male protagonists have in these kinds of shows, since he actually realizes it at times.

Kouga’s stubbornness comes from a fate pushed upon him that he never asked for, so I can get behind his attitude, especially when he finds the person he’s been living with his whole life was someone far more important to the world than he knew, being a goddess and all.

To make things worse is Athena was someone he hated for the fate pushed on him while Saori, the woman who raised him as a baby and the person he loves the most were one and the same. That has got to be hard to deal with.

Kouga refusing to bow or show respect to people in authority probably comes from fighting his fate for so long. And again, he’s still mad at Athena. Also a Pegasus. What are ya gunna do?

Kouga’s journey to learn more about the world and save someone he cares about while finding out about himself is what I’m very interested in, especially when you learn more about his past and where he came from and why Athena was forcing him to be a Saint, rather then letting him have the choice.

Because if anyone knows better than to do that, it’s Saori.

However if Saori hadn’t done what she done, Kouga probably would have had a harder time dealing with his issues later on and probably would have been completely consumed by it. Which is why Kouga isn’t upset about it anymore and takes his role much more serious now.

Kouga was also lucky to have met Aria, another person who becomes very dear to him due to being connected to his past. Aria and Kouga seem to have a more sibling relationship between each other and it’s possible that they are related. Which also softens him up and helps Kouga not lose his way.

While I think Season 2 has kind of drifted a bit from Kouga and his friends, mainly because of the huge cast for the all out war going on, I’m still forced on his character.

I hope we get another season and the focus goes back to more of the main cast and for some more light-hearted moments like in season 1. Not that there weren’t any in season 2, just not as much. Kouga needs some down time!

Top Protagonists - Luke fon Fabre

Tales of The Abyss: Luke fon Fabre


Ooooh Luke. You started off as such a whiny brat. But than, everyone in the party was tense and hostile. In fact, the first part of the game is so intense with the arguing going on that I wondered if I should continue at times.

Luke does have the whole ‘amnesia’ thing, but the truth behind that is quite different than you’d first think and even if it wasn’t what’s later revealed, I liked how it was crippling. He didn’t just have no ‘memories’ he had no idea how to do ANYTHING. Walk, talk, read, ect. Nothing. So him pretty much being our ‘fish out of water’ character to explain the world really works here when you realize this.

Luke is still a huge brat at the beginning of the game and self centered, but the characters around him don’t help this, if you ask me. They really give no reason for him to trust them.

Even so, he’s a massive screw up and causes some really bad stuff to happen in the middle of the game.

But when he finally realizes what he has to do and the changes he needs to make in his life, you want him to succeed. The turn around of this character is one of the best ones I’ve seen, taking full reasonability for all the mistakes he’s made, no excuses even though he had quite a few and I feel some of the other cast members had a huge hand in the mistake he made.

Luke suddenly becomes so small and young, you start to realize yourself how childish he is. And not in the bratty way, he’s truly a child who has no idea what world he lives in and what he should do about it. And now he’s trying his damnest to do something about it.

Tales of The Abyss is probably one of my favorite RPGs, if it’s not my favorite. Luke is one of the big reasons why I love this Tales game, which I haven’t yet found one better for having the best party, best reasons for the party being together, and best interactions. Luke being a great character that the others grow with.

Ever seen a show/game/ect try to demonize a character but all it kept doing was proving to you that he’s not the bad guy compared to, say the hero? Like, the writer is trying so hard to make the bad guy, well, bad, but is failing at it?

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