The Animated Reviewer

Sep 19

Alan Wake

So far I’m enjoying this game, despite the fact that sometimes I wanna throw the controller at times for the slow reaction time. >.> I mean really, game, I wanna throw a flare, why do I gotta press the button so many times before ya do!? Or do I gotta stand still enough? Ah well, still enjoying the game.

Sep 18


Thinking about how I want to work on my comic ideas. I plan to have an OCT page on my site at some point, depending on how long I’m in the tournament I’m in right now. I plan to also do short stories for those characters and stuff, when I feel like it. ^^

But I’m trying to decide how I should post them. Should I do the one page a week deal like other webcomics or finish a full chapter and post that up? Not sure what would be best.

Sep 15

Thanks for all the birthday wishes! Now that I have birthday money I donno what to get. I missed the Capcom sale. @_@ shit. Okay.

I’m very tempted to buy Sims 4…. I KNOW It’s not really worth it, but…ugh! I want it. XD;;; And I have birthday money now! I’ll think about it some more.

Sep 14

PC or Wii?

Trying to decide if I should get the Wii version of Resident Evil 4 or the PC version?

Sep 10

*finishes Pandora’s Tower*

….WOW, that game was a real disappointment. At least the combat and puzzles were fun…until the last one when the game decided to freeze and annoy me to the point where I didn’t care anymore. @_@

Sep 09

Trying to decide the style I want to do Kaila’s story. Do I want to keep it as a comic or more like a…animated comic? Hm. I donno yet. Maybe I should make a quick…demo? I donno. It’s time to finally start pushing myself to work on what I really want to do.

Really that’s the only thing slowing me down at the moment. I’m not sure how I want to do this.

Sep 08

Funny how a discussion about labeling and how we shouldn’t do that…ends up with labeling people. GREAT WORK GUYS! :D Ugh, why is everyone so depressing lately? Why is the gaming world full of such angry people? I just wanna play videos games without being called names for…living. @_@

Sep 07

*sighs* Guess I’ll have to wait for Sims 4 to go down in price. Really want it, but it’s not really worth it.


OH WELL! back to Sims 3. :D

Sep 02

YESH! Finished the update. Well, mostly. I need my proof reader to look at it and need to re-post the thread. Fun. I am going to finish this game. :O My first snap shot LP is gunna get finished! >:O

Aug 29


Playin’ Mabinogi again. Oh boy. I’m Cassiel on Ruairi server.