The Animated Reviewer

Aug 18

Inking is soooo boring. @_@

Aug 17

Still debating the idea of streaming. I might do some streaming of collecting footage for my LP, which is still going, so sorry it’s been so long! I plan to update either next week or the week after? I need to finish my OCT entry first.
But I might start the Let’s Play stuff on Twitch or something. We’ll see.

Still working on projects. My plan is when I’m done with the OCT I’m in(who knows how far I’ll get) is to focus all on Kaila’s stuff and something review related. I’m trying to find something solid. No details yet, will get something DONE before I show it.

Here’s hoping~

Aug 07

Aug 05


Jun 13

I know I’ve been quiet lately, but I’ve been thinking over what I need to start working on. I have plans, but it’ll probably be… quite a while before I show anything. I want to get something done.

Also, decided not to go back to videos. *sighs* Youtube is just too crazy. I shall stick to my reviews being in written format, to save myself some sanity.

However, I still enjoy LPing games, I figure I could start streaming again with twitch. I donno yet, will have to think it over.

Maybe it’ll be a way to do my podcast thing again, we’ll see. I donno, been kind of unsure about stuff lately.

I wonder if I should stream again…like on twitch. Hm.

Jun 09


Got me some new cards. Working on my new Genesis deck and I’m thinking I’ll like this clan a lot. Even with my kind-of-broken new deck that needs some work, I’m fitting into it pretty well.

Still a shame to retire my Nuns with Guns, but hopefully they will come around again.

*finished Dragon Age 2*

Soooo…what part of this game was suppose to be so bad? I liked it, a lot. I was expecting Dragon Age 2 to be so bad from what everyone was saying.

I’ve been wondering why people were so mad at this one, but all the reasons I found were so small, it made no sense. I’m now excited for the 3rd game. : D

Jun 08

*Playing Dragon Age 2*

Ah, nothing like running in circles for about, oh 20 mins or what felt like it, avoiding the Arishok as I was a very crushable mage. I can’t believe I won that fight. So worth it. XD;;

May 26

Cardfight!! Vanguard - New Clan?



*sighs* While I love my Battle Sister, there’s nothing really new coming out for the Oracle Think Tank after the last extra boost. I’m thinking of making a new clan deck with Genesis and/or Royal Paladin. Not sure which one…hmm… Or both? We’ll see.

I hope OTT gets support soon :(. I hate when clans have long gaps between support. Doesn’t seem fair. Especially when some clans get back to back support each set. 

Agreed. My only real problem with Vanguard XD;;; Which is why I’m looking at other clans to have clans to bounce around from to keep up with the new stuff. I’d hate to change from my Battle Sisters, but they aren’t getting anything new in the future so far and I’ll be falling behind in a few months or so. *sighs*.